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With a full range of agricultural contracting services, modern and reliable equipment, plus a highly skilled workforce, we’ll help you keep your business on track.


OLIVER CONROY Soil Stabilisation
Soil Stabilisation

Soil Stabilisation is a proven technique for use on difficult construction sites, where wet conditions and weak soils can easily be tackled by rotovating lime and cement (or both) into soil that is unsuitable for construction purposes to produce foundations for all types of applications. Soil Stabilisation: It’s more than just a process. Soil enhancement is a far more technical process that involves using a variety of polymers and nutrients to strengthen the structure of certain contaminants in order to build up the soil, making it suitable for various properties where it may be applied.....

Oliver Conroy Plant Hire
Plant & Agri Hire

Oliver Conroy Plant and Agri Hire Ltd have many years' experience and a solid reputation for delivering a wide range of cost-effective contracting services focused on farming.....

Oliver Conroy Pressure Washer
Pressure Washing Roadway Maintenance

Maintenance of newly constructed roads, haul roads, and also areas of heavy congestion to maintain each and keep clean to abide by standards set by the traffic regulation authority.....

Oliver Conroy Dust Suppression
Dust Suppression

Application of water to restrict the airborne dissemination of fine particles preventing these tiny dust particles entering employee’s respiratory systems causing disorders.....

Oliver Conroy Fule Management Tank
Fuel Management

The storage and recording/documenting of fuel usage in Construction Projects, Quarry’s etc. Fuel Bowser’s fitted with 9000 litre tank for Diesel and a 1000 litre tank for Ad-Blue.....

Oliver Conroy Logistics Machine and Material Transportation
Logistics Machine and Material Transportation

Machine Transportation: is carried out by tri-axle low-loaders with able to carry 33 tonne gross weight. Vehicles such as 360 excavators, Rollers, Dumpers, Dozer’s.....

Oliver Conroy Site Receeding Reclaimation
Site Re-seeding and Reclaimation

Oliver Conroy provide a consultation with the client design the job select the most suitable seeding type and rate. Each job is different so we use different machinery.....

50 years experience!

Oliver Conroy Plant and Agri Hire Ltd is a family run contracting business, started by Gerry Conroy in 1969 and based in Co Westmeath. Having graduated from Agri college Gerry’s son Oliver is now running the business.

Get to know us!

Oliver Conroy is a seasoned expert with over 50 years of experience in farming and machinery. With his extensive knowledge, we are committed to delivering top-notch agricultural contracting services at competitive prices. Our goal is to provide our clients with efficient and cost-effective solutions, so they can complete their projects with ease and within their budget. With our services, you can trust that your job will be done quickly and efficiently, with no compromise on quality

Oliver Conroy Soil Stabilisation
Oliver Conroy Tractor
Oliver Conroy Tractor
Oliver Conroy Soil Stabilisation
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