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Oliver Conroy provides a comprehensive range of soil stabilisation services throughout Ireland.

Operating from our home base in Rochfortbridge, County Westmeath we are backed by some 20 years of experience. Undertaking a wide range of projects both large and small. From housing developments to major infrastructure and motorway construction, we have successfully completed contracts of varying scope and complexity.

Our core goal is to work along with customers to find the best solution for their needs. Offering a flexible portfolio that ranges from a full tailored package, with design and integrated earthworks, to simple plant hire where appropriate. Long term relationships are important to us and forging trusted partnerships results in many long standing customers that we are proud to work with.

Our fleet of plant is carefully considered and designed to deliver high-quality work, high outputs and all whilst offering best value to our valued clients. The use of modern hybrid crusher stabilisation drums gives a service directly tailored to the Irish market with its unique challenging soil profile, especially the rocks and cobbles found in the native glacial till.

Our trade mark personal, direct to the point, and simple approach is fully intentional. This aims to offer an accessible, flexible and affordable solution to the ever growing Irish market. This makes Oliver Conroy your trustworthy long term strategic partner for both today’s and tomorrow’s projects alike.

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The Process

The improvement of site won materials through the addition of binders. This can improve a site won materials engineering properties, or strengths, into valuable engineering volumes. This may reduce the import of aggregates and the export of unsuitable materials. This will have not only an effect in reduce cost but also huge environmental benefits and reduction of site program and vehicle movements. The development of the Irish Soil Stabilisation market has been a long term personal passion of Oliver Conroy.


Oliver Conroy Plant and Agri Hire Ltd. has been involved with soil stabilisation since its early inception in Ireland. We have worked on numerous road building projects throughout Ireland, garnering an unprecedented technical knowledge of the process and a deep understanding of customers’ needs as the market develops. We are happy to provide expert advice and assistance on all aspects of the soil stabilisation process and have contacts with leading independent design and testing providers.


As with general business philosophy we have forged strong links with Ireland's leading independent designers. Combined with our flexible approach and experience we feel this provides clients and main contractors a very strong package to help them take best advantage of soil stabilisation. Fully accredited independent design is seen as key to work with all parties and ensure unvested site monitoring and sign of at the end of completed projects.

Oliver Conroy hybrid-drum


Working hand in glove with the independent designers are our portfolio of testing providers. These testers are pivotal in ensuring that both the designers and clients have crystal clarity on the service and product that they are getting on their site. A full audit trail ensures compliance with clients rigorous close out paperwork.

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